We get it. We really do. People relate to real people. That’s where we come in.
We capture stories – inspiring stories – and unleash them on the web, tv or mobile device of your choice.

We are master storytellers.

Our passion is to create memorable, powerful pieces that inspire the viewer.

We combine the highest standards and attention to detail to everything we do: from creating Matterport 3D tours, to breathtaking stills to moving videos.  We exceed expectations and form relationships with return clients.


From concept to completed project, anywhere in the world.


We capture fully immersive virtual spaces.


Custom website design with a fresh, creative, modern design.


Design and marketing services for corporate identity, direct mail or trade show materials.


Beautiful photography or 4k video with a captivating birds-eye view.


Luxury homes, corporate portraits and scenics.


Expert Content Creation Services.


From concept to completed project, we can accommodate any size production anywhere in the world.


We capture fully immersive virtual spaces that feel so real, it’s like being there.


Beautiful photography or 4k video with a captivating birds-eye view.


Luxury homes, corporate portraits, scenics – whatever your still photography needs are, we have the talent to capture them.


Design and marketing services for corporate identity, direct mail or trade show materials.


Custom website design with a fresh, creative, modern design complete with social media integration.


Master Storytellers. Experienced Creative Team.



Clay Kisker, an Emmy-award winning video producer/editor, is currently Co-Founder/Owner of Kisker Productions based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Clay Kisker has worked all over the globe producing documentaries and videos for a wide variety of clients.  He has shot all over the US, as well as Central America, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Africa, Israel, Slovakia and countless regions in between.  The strength of his work lies in the fact that he edits a large majority of the footage he shoots. Customers often recognize the benefit in having the same vision captured in the field through the final edit.

Prior to starting Kisker Productions, Mr. Kisker was a Co-Founder of Merging Media, a multimedia production company providing music entertainment solutions and digital media services. While at Merging Media, Mr. Kisker served as Producer/Director of “Live At Club Cafe”, a music entertainment show.  Mr. Kisker also produced several live concert DVD’s for international distribution, as well a concert for national PBS broadcast.

Mr. Kisker also shot on-location in Italy, Hawaii and Israel for the production of a B2C marketing tool for one of the largest US provider of guided tours abroad. Over 500,000 DVD’s have been distributed to date. Mr. Kisker has also done video production work for NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, The Golf Channel and the NFL Network.

Prior thereto, Mr. Kisker was an Associate Partner of Digital Media Services for the Pittsburgh office of marchFIRST (formerly USWeb/CKS), the world’s leading Internet professional services firm. Mr. Kisker provided the creative direction and production management for a staff of 2D/3D computer animators, graphic designers, compressionists, and Web/DVD developers. He was responsible for managing global field and studio production as well as providing creative editorial on all productions. Mr. Kisker was also a co-creator of VisionSuite, a proprietary WebDVD business development tool that provided an unprecedented rich media presentation environment for B2B clients. Upon its completion, Mr. Kisker was asked to speak at the DVDPro conference in San Francisco alongside Jim Taylor, whom many consider a pioneer in the DVD industry.

Prior to his position at marchFIRST, Mr. Kisker served as Director of Commercial Production for WKRC-TV (CBS) in Cincinnati, Ohio. While there Mr. Kisker both managed client advertising for the station and produced several ½ hour programs for primetime broadcast. Mr. Kisker was nominated for an Emmy seven times, winning four. He also worked with several top radio stations in the market to help produce and manage their broadcast campaigns.  While at WKRC-TV, Mr. Kisker married then weekend anchor, Gwen Ellis.

Prior to working for WKRC-TV, Mr. Kisker worked as a freelance producer/videographer throughout the Midwest region for several news magazine programs. He also assisted in the creation of the MediaLab at Hanover College (his alma mater) in Southern Indiana which serves as a new breed of content creation facility for media students.

Mr. Kisker has over 23 years in the video/audio production field. He has had experience in all aspects of production from concept development through new media integration of digital content. He is an insightful catalyst in the new convergent world of the web and media. He brings a unique background in broadcast television and digital media technologies to the production.

Mr. Kisker lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, son and two daughters.



Gwen Kisker, a veteran journalist, is currently Co-Founder/Owner of Kisker Productions based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Sometimes, it’s so personal, it hurts to hear.

Other times, the look, the detail, the gesture, the unhindered drive can inspire me for months.

Storytelling is a privilege to me.  I consider it a value-giving task to listen to someone and shape how they share their lives. From CEOs to students, I consider each interview and production an opportunity for excellence.

My career in journalism began with an effort to leave school early my senior year of high school.  Not exactly noble. I decided I was good at talking, translated that into “communication,” looked up that topic in the yellow pages and came across TV and radio stations in my hometown of Springfield, IL. I hatched an internship into work-study and would leave school at lunch to head into the “real world” – WDBR-WTAX.

On January 28, 1986, my casual relationship with storytelling changed forever.  On my way to the radio station, I listened in my car as my friend Eileen broke the news of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster.  In the newsroom, I saw everyone standing around a TV.  The devastation of that moment was contained in the split screen of joyful astronauts walking into the vessel next to that vessel disappearing into debris before our eyes.

I instantly learned the power of video to communicate without saying anything.

Flash forward to 1990 – I graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.  I worked as an on-air reporter and anchor for KFVS-TV (CBS) in Cape Girardeau, MO; WICD-TV (NBC) in Champaign, IL and, finally, weekend anchor and reporter for WKRC-TV (CBS) in Cincinnati, Ohio. I anchored a three-hour Saturday morning show, reported for the 11 o’clock news and married then Director of Commercial Production, Clay Kisker.

When Clay accepted a job in Pittsburgh, I stayed home for several years to raise our three children – Olivia, Grayson and Faith.  I felt that I couldn’t tell the kind of stories I wanted to tell in local news.  During that time, I learned how to edit on an Avid by producing cable TV shows for our church, Christ United Methodist.

In February of 2009, I stumbled onto well-produced, inspiring “good news” videos from the United Methodist Communications Service based in Nashville, TN. I called and Clay and I became a contract production crew for UMCOM.  We’ve traveling the country and the globe – from New York to LA to Managua to collect and share how God is moving in people’s lives. Our videos opened conferences with hundreds of thousands of people, generated support for anti-malaria efforts and motivated countless viewers to action.  We continue this work today.

Over the years, we’ve produced documentaries – one for PBS entitled “Kenya, Africa – One Woman’s Hope. One Country’s Dream,” another to fund raise for Project Chacocente, a 501c3 that moves families from the Managua City Dump to fertile farmland.

In 2016, we became early adopters of a new technology to create Matterport 3D tours.  This led us to push the company for upgrades, which allow multi-media companies like ours to incorporate videos and high-resolution photos inside the 3D model.  It’s honestly like being there.  We’ve captured STEM Centers, museums and mansions.

Clay and I don’t do any project if we can’t do it with excellence.  So, please, explore this website.  See our professional passion moving in front of your eyes.  Then, email or call.  Maybe the vision is contagious!

The people who are crazy enough
to think they can change the world
are the ones who do.
-Steve Jobs
If you can’t explain it simply,
you don’t understand it
well enough.
-Albert Einstein
The size of your audience doesn’t matter. What’s important is that
your audience is listening.
-Randy Pausch


Master Storytellers. Experienced Creative Team.
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